Customer Specific Discount For Magento 2

Manage special discounts for specific customers and enhance the functionalities of your cart price rules.
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Compatibility: CE 2.1.*, 2.3.*
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There are numerous marketing strategies an online store can opt for, but more accurate the strategy, the faster the desired results.

Discount is one such effective strategy which has proven to retain the customers as well as gain their loyalty. Customer Specific Discount for Magento 2 is an extension which helps you focus on those customers who are your potential or frequent buyers. This extension enables the admin to create special discounts for the customers to retain their interest and loyalty. By default, Magento enables the admin to provide discounts applicable to all on the customers on a particular store but with the functionalities of this extension, the admin can target specific customers and set special discount rules for those customers. The admin needs to note that the rules created with the help of this extension can be included in the cart price rules and not catalog price rules.

Separate Rules for Separate Customers
Admin can create separate discount rules for specific customers in accordance with the planned promotional strategies.
Export Customer List
This extension enables the admin sort the customer list and export the details of those customers to whom the discount applicable.
Easily Manageable
With this extension, admin can easily create and manage new cart price rules for specific Customers.
Better Conversions
Admin can give special discounts to certain customers and tackle those issues hindering your conversions.
  • Admin can create discount rules for specific customers in all the stores.
  • Admin can multi-select the stores and make a single discount rule apply to the selected stores.
  • Admin can apply a particular rule to specific customers by just selecting those customers in that particular store.
  • With special discounts to specific customers, customer loyalty and interest can be retained.
Assign Rules to Specific Customers

This extension enhances the default functionality of Magento 2 by letting you create special discount rules separately for specific customers and manage those rules easily. These rules can be created and managed in accordance with the goals and strategies of your business. Because you can select specific customers for any rule, it brings you a step closer to desired results and eventually, better conversions.

Assign Rules to Specific Customers
Export Specific Customer List

These rules target specific customers, so notifying those customers becomes important in order to retain their interest. When any rule is created for certain customers, you can export the list of those customers by simply clicking the 'Export' button and all you have to do then is to notify those customers about the discounts.

Export Specific Customer List
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