Custom Option Manager

Custom Option Manager

Add/remove custom options for multiple products and category. Change multiple custom options for selected product(s). Edit custom options for multiple products.
Version 2.2.2
Compatible with Community 1.5.x - 1.9.x

By default, Magento furnishes its own functionality for the custom option in products, but the drawback of this default functionality is if the admin wants to add, update or delete custom option to/from multiple products then he/she has to alter all products one by one. There is no default provision in Magento to perform multiple changes into the products at once.

To overcome this problem, Emipro Technologies have developed Custom Option Manager extension,  so admin can manage custom options for multiple products easily. This proficient extension removes all the limits and smartly performs alterations of custom options into multiple products.

How it works?

Using this extension, admin can perform different custom option related operations. Admin can add, edit or remove options to/from: multiple selected products, multiple products SKU list with comma separated, selecting categories of required products.

Admin can manage multiple custom options for multiple products. If admin wants to utilize it for single product then admin can manage multiple custom options for a particular product also.

Shaping lots of Magento sites with our customizations, we have gained mastery over custom option related customizations. If you have any specific requirement for managing custom options or image with it, let us know in the live chat or email at We will provide you the tailor-fit solution to exactly fulfill your requirements.
  • Store owner can add, edit or remove custom options from
    - multiple selected products
    - multiple products SKU list with comma separated
    - selected categories all products
  • Assign multiple custom options to product(s) [Added into version 2.1.0]
  • Remove multiple custom options from product(s) [Added into version 2.1.0]
  • Assign custom options for selected product [Added into version 2.2.0]
  • Remove custom options for selected product [Added into version 2.2.0]

If you are using third-party theme in your Magento site, there are chances that the extension may not work expectedly. In such cases, we recommend you to contact us via support ticket immediately after you purchase it. We will install & customize it as per your front-end theme.

If you have already purchased one custom option extension and want the functionality of other custom option extension, we recommend you to contact us before making the second purchase.

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8 Customer Review(s)

Excellent time saving extension
Review by stecoll55 (Posted on 10/6/2016)
Great time saving extension and excellent after support over a year after purchased. They fixed a Printing Exception error on my site within 1 an hour of raising a support ticket!
Amazing Extension, Even Better Support
Review by unbmcr (Posted on 8/29/2016)
We tried using Store Manager for magento to bulk add custom options to our store but it repeatedly fell flat on its face and messed up every product at the same time.
We found this module after giving up on store manager and this performed exactly as advertised. Straight forward to install and very straight forward to configure too.
Support : Had an issue with some code we'd written that was conflicting with the plugin on our side, and they even helped resolve that too. Absolutely awesome bunch of guys at Emipro and couldn't be happier with the purchase.
Great Support
Review by gas_superstore (Posted on 7/15/2016)
We purchased this extension and installed into magento but unfortunatly we were presented with an exception error when trying to manage Custom Options and when clicking "Select Product to assign/remove custom options".
After submitting a support ticket our problem was resolved very quickly by the support team and everything is now working perfectly.
Many thanks
The Gas Superstore
Good customer support
Review by OPTISM (Posted on 9/22/2015)
The Emipro Support Team was very helpful getting the extension installed.
Great Extension
Review by truffolone (Posted on 9/17/2015)
I was looking for something like this for my new project and I love how this works.
Pretty simple design but still really useful.
Thank you very much
I'm using Magento CE 1.9.1
A must have time saving extenstion
Review by stecoll55 (Posted on 9/17/2015)
Excellent time saving extension and great now you can assign images to custom options. Tech support were very helpful throughout and after the transaction
Nice extension
Review by Crafera (Posted on 7/29/2015)
It saved my time to assign same custom option to multiple products. It works well.
Webshop Manager
Review by (Posted on 7/16/2015)
The Custom Options Manager, increased our efficiency as we can now batch create or re-create custom options without the need of going thru all products one by one.

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