Custom Option Image For Magento 2

Custom Option Image For Magento 2
Display image or color for the selected types of custom options.
Version: 2.0.3
Compatibility: Community 2.1.* - 2.2.* - 2.3
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It is apparent that graphics add more attractiveness than the displayed text does. So it is better to show images of any options rather than displaying the text. Even the admin needs to satisfy their customers with a distinct image or color cube when the different custom options are clicked on. So to facilitate the admin with this functionality 'Custom Option Image For Magento 2' extension works quite well. With this, the admin can quickly manage the different images and color to display for the separate custom options on the product page.

The extension enables the admin to assign/remove images or color cube for the selected types of custom options. The admin is allowed to edit and set the images and color for custom options. Magento provides various kind of option types like Radio Buttons, Checkbox, Drop-down, Multi-select, Data, File and such others. But we introduced some new kinds of option types which include Thumb Gallery, Thumb Gallery Popup, and Thumb Gallery Multi-Select. These three new option types are valuable in representing images and colors in a unique way to the customers.

Shaping lots of Magento sites with our customizations, we have gained mastery over custom option related customizations. If you have any specific requirement for managing custom options or image with it, let us know in the live chat or email at We will provide you a tailor-fit solution to exactly fulfill your requirements.
Extension Functionality
Emipro Custom Option Types
Thumb Gallery - Is Default Settings
Thumb Gallery - Display Mode Settings
Extension Configuration
Product Page View
Set image or color in custom options
Admin can upload a separate image or select the color code for each custom option of any product.
New Types of Custom Options
The new thumbnail gallery type options allow you to display the images of the options, thus making them look attractive by the graphics.
Attractive representation
By displaying images in custom options, the product variations can be easily understood by your customers and it is attractive, too.
Supports all types of products
The extension supports simple, configurable, bundle (without dynamic pricing), downloadable and virtual type of products.
  • The extension supports simple, configurable, bundle (without dynamic pricing), downloadable and virtual product.
  • The admin can easily assign, edit and remove a particular image or color for every custom option.
  • To switch between the color and image type of option, change the value from 'Display Mode' drop-down instead of removing the uploaded image or un-setting the selected color.
  • The customers can select the image or color with very advanced selection types: Thumb Gallery, Thumb Gallery Popup and Thumb Gallery Multi-Select.
  • Allows the customers to view the different images, color cube, title and price when any particular custom option is clicked on.
  • The admin can set the maximum file size(MB) for an image to get uploaded.
  • The admin can set the height and width of an image to get displayed on the front-end.
  • The admin can set whether or not to display any custom option as selected when a page loads.

If you are using third-party theme in your Magento site, there are chances that the extension may not work expectedly. In such cases, we recommend you to contact us via support ticket immediately after you purchase it. We will install & customize it as per your front-end theme.

If you have already purchased one custom option extension and want the functionality of other custom option extension, we recommend you to contact us before making the second purchase.

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Shaun November 20, 2018
This company is awesome
Ive been looking for this extension for a long time in order to be able to customize a product. Other extensions i found were either to expensive and wasn't able to deliver....Even the support for this company was extremely fast. They are in my "good ill buy again books"..thanks for the awesome extension and support!
Rafael Correia September 30, 2018
Excellent Extension!
I wanted to use this extension to customize my product. These guys are super responsive, attentive to details (I asked them to set up options in quite a specific way) and did everything quickly and accurately. They helped me with the installation and did a fabulous job by customizing the look of product options in my store. I Recommend this company and product!
Ting T Wong August 29, 2017
Love this tech company
Customer service was fantastic. download , install , problem fix within 30 mins.
Also, they made minor customization needed by me.
Fransisco December 21, 2016
Nice nice nice extension
After I purchase custom option image extension, I have assigned my some customizations as per our theme to Emipro, they have finished it within 3 days, they delivered faster & within my budget. Thanks Mayank for your good support!!! I enjoyed work with you & will use you later
Perry December 6, 2016
perfect extension for custom option image !!!
I wanted exact this kind of extension !!! After purchase, support team installed extension on my shop & made appropriate changes as per my beauty shop’s color & design. Impressed by support team !!!

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