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Clarico is a Responsive, Clean, Modern & Sectioned Odoo eCommerce Theme. Crafted to be Pixel Perfect, it is built using Bootstrap Grid and can be suitable for any kind of online store category.
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Clarico, built with various attractive designs, is a Responsive, Clean, Modern & Sectioned Odoo Theme. Crafted to be Pixel Perfect, it is built using Bootstrap Grid and can be suitable for any kind of online business. It is a fully responsive theme and looks equally stunning on all kinds of screens and devices. Our team has put years of web development experience into Clarico Theme that would take months for you to build by scratch. All the information blocks are neatly displayed to customers so they can easily find the information they need. Rest assured, Clarico will make your web store look stunningly beautiful.


7 Header Styles

3 Footer Styles

Product Slider

Category Wise Landing Page

Dynamic Blogs

6 Mega Menu Style

50+ Snippets

Dynamic Category Listing

Products Grid

Product View

Cart View

Portal Layout

Product Offer Timer

Header Cart Popover

Frequently asked questions

1.Is this theme compatible with Odoo's Multi Website Feature?

Yes, Clarico v12 is compatible with Odoo's Multi Website Feature. If you have multiple websites in Odoo v12 and want to have different look and feel for each website, you can install Theme Clarico for each website and change the look & feel as per your need.

2. Is this theme 'One-Click Installable'?

Yes, the theme installation is very simple and can happen with just a click.
If you just have a single website associated with your Odoo Database, you can simply go to the app list, find the theme there and click the Install button.
If you are using Odoo 12's Multi Website Feature, you need to follow the below steps for installation.
Login into your database and Go to Website --> Configuration --> Settings. Select Website and then click on "Choose a Theme" button.You will be redirected to the available themes list and from there you can install Theme Clarico. The same process has to be followed whenever want to update the theme.

3. Will I get the Demo data or PSD files with this theme?

No, you will not get any Images, PSD or demo data which is used to showcase the sample blocks in this Theme.

4. Can I resell this theme?

No, you do not have the rights to resell this theme. Your purchase is only valid for your own commercial use. It is not allowed to use anything related to the theme including the Source Code, Logo, Images etc in any distributed end products. Emipro owns the full Copyright of all the resources associated with the theme.

5. I want to get a customization in this theme. How can I request it?

Clarico is a fully customizable theme and our team can help you customize it as per your need. Theme Clarico can be customized by anyone but getting it customized from the same expert team that has developed and carefully crafted it gives you an added advantage. Our team will ensure that you get what you need without compromising the technical integrity of the theme or Odoo itself. Please fill out the Contact Us form to request customization.

6. Do you provide Odoo Website & eCommerce Implementation Services?

Yes, we do. Being a Certified Odoo Gold Partner, we provide end-to-end services in Odoo. In our Odoo team, we have a special department for Odoo Website & eCommerce that consists of several Senior Odoo Experts, eCommerce Analysists, Graphic Designers, Web Designers & SEO Experts who have years of experience in Odoo. Whether it is setting up the products with striking images and content, configuring payment methods, designing streamlined landing pages, optimizing your Odoo Website speed & performance or offering Digital Marketing Services, our specialists are always ready to help you. We request you to Contact Us if you are interested in our Odoo Website & Implementation Services.

7. Is this theme compatible with Odoo Enterprise as well as Community?

Yes, this theme works perfectly well with Odoo Enterprise (On-premise and Odoo.SH) as well as Community. Odoo Online (Cloud) does not allow installation of third-party apps/themes and hence this theme cannot be installed on Odoo Online.

8.Do I get free upgrades and support if I purchase this theme?

Free Upgrade (Same Odoo Version)

Yes, we provide free upgrades to Theme Clarico for the same Odoo Version. We make changes to the theme from time to time and make sure that all our customers benefit from it. You can always download the latest version of the theme, replace your old theme module with the latest theme module, go to the website settings, find the website in which Theme Clarico is installed and update the Theme.

Free Upgrade (Different Odoo Version)

If you purchase Theme Clarico for Odoo Version 12, 11 or 10, we will provide you access to all the versions up to 12 depending on their availability. Please note that if you have purchased Theme Clarico for Odoo 11 or 10 and want to receive an upgrade, you will need to purchase the Emipro Theme Base module.

Starting version 13, every version of Theme Clarico will be sold separately.

Also, there may be a difference in features among different Odoo Versions, and if a particular feature is present in one version but not in another and you need that feature, you will need to request a paid customization.


Kindly read our Support Policy to know the details.

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