Bellus ShopMyLook - Addon for Theme Bellus

A unique way to shop the complete outfits for your shoppers and search for related items in a combination of other complementary items.

Compatibility: Odoo Version 10.0
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This App is an extra enhancement on our Odoo eCommerce Theme - Bellus. To see the features offered in Theme Bellus,

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Discover the perfect outfits that makes you, you!

Bellus offers a unique way to shop the complete outfits for your shoppers and search for related items. This dazzling feature answers the needs of many shoppers who are often looking for the right combination of items. Your shoppers will be motivated to purchase the accessories of an item once they can visualize how well the combination of product & its accessories looks like. With Bellus you can set images to display the complete outfit which helps your visitors find perfect matches to go along with their favourite items.


Configuration of Similar Looks and Complementory Items at backend

You can configure other best looks for a product and their associated matching accessories at Odoo eCommerce backend. Per each look, you can set Complementary Items. Alternative looks of any Item will be visible in any product's shop my look view only when it contains Complementary Items itself.

Shop My Look view in Frontend

No matter wherever you are in Bellus, be it at quick view of any Product, Detailed view of any product, Wishlist page or Category page you can find your perfect outfits from anywhere in Odoo eCommerce.

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