Theme Bellus

Theme Bellus is a Responsive, Clean, Modern & Sectioned Odoo eCommerce Theme. Crafted to be Pixel Perfect, it is built using Bootstrap Grid and can be suitable for any kind of online store category.
Compatibility: Odoo Version : 11, 10
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Bellus is a Responsive, Clean, Modern & Sectioned Odoo eCommerce Theme. Crafted to be Pixel Perfect, it is built using Bootstrap Grid and can be suitable for any kind of online store category like Fashion, Electronics, Beauty, Health & Fitness, Jewelleries, Sports etc. It is a fully responsive theme and looks equally stunning on all kinds of screens and devices. It is built with various attractive features like 3 unique Home Page Layouts, 4 Category Page Layouts, 3 custom Mega Menu Layouts, 6 different Color Schemes, 17 Custom Designed Snippets etc., that would take months to build. Information blocks are neatly displayed to customers so they can easily find the information they need. Rest assured, Bellus will make your web store look stunningly beautiful.




Landing Page

Customise Bellus and have it as per your way

Bellus gives you full flexibility to personalize the theme by ability to chance theme color from the front-end. Without any kind of technical knowledge, you can change theme color from 6 preset color schemes.

Mega Menu

Style - 1

Style - 2

Style - 3

Style - 4

Category Page

Set Specific Description Per Each Category

View Similar Products in Category Page

Product Page

Product Size Guide

Product Zooming

Cart Page



Product Compare

Custom CMS Building Blocks

Shop My Look (On Demand)

Bellus offers a unique way to shop the complete outfits for your shoppers and search for related items. This dazzling feature answers the needs of many shoppers who are often looking for the right combination of items. Your shoppers will be motivated to purchase the accessories of an item once they can visualize how well the combination of product & its accessories looks like. With Bellus you can set images to display the complete outfit which helps your visitors find perfect matches to go along with their favourite items.

Bellus is Fully Mobile Responsive

Steps to Install Theme Bellus

  • Step 1

Once you download this Theme from Odoo Store, you will get one folder - "theme_bellus". Inside that folder you will get another compressed file - bellus.tar.gz. 

  • Step 2

By extracting "bellus.tar.gz" file, you will get set of other modules inside it.

  • Step 3

Copy those modules from folder "bellus" and paste them along with "theme_bellus" module. Delete folder "bellus" inside module "theme_bellus". Go inside theme_bellus folder and open "" file. Uncomment all the dependent modules and add comment to module "website".

  • Step 4

Make sure you add path of theme_bellus and other modules into your config file of Odoo. Better practice should be to add them all in one folder - For example : bellus - and add that folder's path in your config file of Odoo.

  • Step 5

Go to your Odoo instance and start Odoo in Developer Mode. In order to do that, go to menu "Settings" and click on "Activate the developer mode" link.

  • Step 6

Under the menu "Apps" click on Submenu "Update Apps List" and then find the module "theme_bellus". Install it and you are done!

Frequently asked questions

1. Do you Provide Odoo eCommerce Implementation Services too?

Yes, Our team is build up of several senior Odoo experts, eCommerce analysts and web designers holding the experience of many years in Odoo, and thanks to this we can offer you professional eCommerce services at the highest level. Whether it is setting up the products with striking images and content, configuring payment methods, designing streamlined landing pages, optimizing site speed for lightning experience, or offering digital marketing services, our specialists are right here to serve you with supreme expertise in various areas.

2. I want to Customise the Theme according to my need, Can I do that?

Yes, Bellus is fully Customisable according to your business need. You can Customise to any extent needed. However, you can hire an Emipro Design Expert to customize your theme and let you focus on other important parts of your business.

3. Can I Resell this Theme?

No, Purchased Theme is for your commercial use only. You may not include the original theme including Source Code, Logo, Images etc.. in any distributed end products. Emipro owns full Copyright of Source Code, Logo, and Images which are used in this Theme.

4. Will I get the Demo data or PSD files with this theme?

No, you will not get any Images, PSD or demo data which is used to showcase the sample blocks in this Theme.

5. What is Support Policy of this Theme?

In the case of if any bug raised in our listed features of this theme, we're committed to providing support free of cost. We provide paid support for special requirements like Theme Installation, Configuration & Customization according to your need.

6. Will I get Future Upgrades regarding this theme for free of Cost?


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