Automated Purchase Order Processing

Automate your purchase order processing & save your precious time. Using Automated Purchase Order Processing app, one can make their purchase order process easier, following some simple configuration steps.
Compatibility: Odoo Version :12, 11, 10, 9
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To complete Odoo Purchase Order Processing cycle, requires several actions, such as converting a RFQ to purchase order, process incoming shipments, creating an invoice, validating an invoice, registering payment for an invoice. Normally, one need to perform these actions manually to complete a Purchase Order.

Automated Purchase Order Processing app provides some smart and easy steps to configure workflow and automate all or some of these specific processes. Once the workflow is configured, it is to be associated with purchase order automatically based on configuration made on supplier and then all these process will be managed accordingly in just a single click.


Confirm / Validate Order
  • User can choose this option to confirm the purchase order automatically.
Validate Incoming Shipment
  • User can choose this option to transfer incoming shipment automatically.
Create Invoice
  • User can choose this option to create a vendor bill automatically. Also, set an appropriate purchase journal under "Purchase Journal" option.
Validate Invoice
  • User can choose this option to validate a vendor bill automatically.
  • Please note, this option is only applicable and available if “Create Invoice” option is set to true.
Register Payment
  • User can choose this option to register the invoice payment automatically.
  • Please note, to make this option work properly, you must configure an appropriate payment journal (e.g Bank or Cash journal) and set it under “Payment Journal” option.

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