Amazon Stock Adjustment In Odoo

Amazon Inventory adjustment report contains the history of adjustments made by Amazon to your FBA inventory. Using this Addon, you can do stock movement accordingly in Odoo.
NOTE: This app is an extension of Odoo Amazon FBA Integration App, It is not possible to use it separately.
Compatibility: Odoo Version : 12, 11, 10
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Following are the group of reasons of inventory adjustment.

Misplaced and Found inventory :Inventory is misplaced or found in amazon fulfillment center.

Damage inventory :Inventory is found as damage and transfer to unsellable location.

Unrecoverable inventory :Inventory is damaged/lost in this case seller can claim for reimbursement.

Inbound shipment received adjustments :In inbound shipment receiving process if any miscount or product scan issue.

Software corrections :Software correction of inventory tracking discrepancies in amazon.

Transferring ownership :Amazon will give reimbursement for lost product and later on product will found then amazon will change ownership put in or out in holding account.

Catalog management :When two products will separate identifier are found as same then amazon will delete one product and move inventory in another product.

Above all groups amazon is managing using different codes.

When user will install this module then system will auto create group of reason and  codes in ERP system.



Configure Amazon Stock Adjustment Details in Seller.

User need to configure amazon stock adjustment details in seller.

In which user need to do following configurations.

  • Location :This location will use as source/destination based on stock adjust in/out.
  • Picking Type :System will select picking type based on configuration.
  • Is Send Email ? :If in such type of group user want to just create email to users then also user can configuration email template and system will just send email to configure users of that transaction lines.


Process Report

User can process report and system will create mismatch log if lines are not process due to any reason.




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