Amazon FBA Reimbursement Tracking

This App allows seller to track reimbursement from Amazon in Odoo in case of Warehouse damaged, customer return & refund.
NOTE: This app is an extension of Odoo Amazon FBA Integration App, It is not possible to use it separately.
Compatibility: Odoo Version : 12, 11, 10
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Being a seller on Amazon, the biggest internet retailer, enhances the management and reach of your products. But when there are millions of products being dealt with everyday, Amazon is prone to making mistakes. And most of the times, without being aware, you are the one who pays for these mistakes.

Certainly, Amazon owes you a lot of money. But in order to claim this money from Amazon, you need to have an eye constantly on your seller account. Allotting time to go through your seller account everyday is quite cumbersome.

So, this app is designed exactly to take care of your reimbursements. It looks after all the transactions and records of inventory and ascertains that you get back your money in case of any discrepancies.

Track every returns per item basis to make sure number of received order and return reimbursement match up.
Customer never returned item
Track whether customer returned the product or not after they made return request on Amazon.
Overages Refund
Track customer is refunded what they have initially charged.
Damaged Inventory
Track misplaced or damaged item by Amazon warehouse to ensure whether Amazon reimbursed for lost stock.

Automated generation of FBA Reimbursement Reports

Most of the times, in case of missing inventory, warehouse damaged or carrier damaged Amazon reimburses the seller if it is found responsible for the same, but at times, Amazon misses out on that. In that case, this app auto generates a report which helps the seller get reimbursed for the inventory lost or damaged due to Amazon’s faults. This report will help the seller recover the amount Amazon owes you!

Recovery of Lost Revenue

Sometimes, Amazon misses out on notifying the seller about the reimbursements he is entitled to and being unaware about the same, the seller does not claim the amount he is to be reimbursed. So this app helps the seller claim his money back within no time and will be no more penalized for Amazon’s errors.


Amazon Refund to Customer but Customer never Returned an Order

When a customer files a return, Amazon debits the amount from the seller’s account but if due to some or the other reasons, the product is not returned by customer, Amazon reimburses that amount to the seller’s account automatically.

Usually, in case of a return filed, Amazon notifies the seller about the same, but when the product is returned, sellers need to keep a check on the inventory list manually. In such a case, Amazon debits the amount from the seller’s account and sets aside that amount to refund to that customer once the customer returns the product.

In the hassles of business, when the seller cannot allot time to check the updations of these lists manually, our app will list the orders for which the return has been filed but the product has not been returned by customer.

Track reimbursement for FBA Lost or Warehouse Damaged

If you sell your products on fulfillment by Amazon, the probability of the products not reaching the customers faultlessly is quite high, Amazon manages the storage and shipment of a million products and so sometimes, even Amazon is not aware about the misplaced products..

With this huge number of inventory coming in, it is difficult to keep a track on inventory that goes missing or is damaged while stored or shipped. In that case, Amazon has to pay the reimbursement to the seller.

In such cases, Amazon reimburses the amount to be reimbursed to the seller within few days automatically. Our app prepares a report which allows the users to get the details and summary of such cases. As this report gives an idea about the total inventory adjustment made and the amount of reimbursements, seller can claim the reimbursement accordingly.

Track Reimbursement from Customer Return

When a customer returns the product, if Amazon figures out that the product was damaged by the carrier i.e damaged while shipping or damaged in fulfilment center, Amazon reimburses the seller automatically.

This App enlists such returns for which you didn’t get reimbursement from Amazon yet.

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