Amazon Odoo Connector

Amazon Odoo Connector helps you integrate & manage your Amazon Seller Account operations from Odoo. Save time, efforts and avoid errors due to manual data entry to boost your Amazon sales with this connector.
Note: Amazon Odoo Connector is available as ‘In-App Purchase’ for a recurring fee and not as a one-off purchase. With the purchase of the app, you get 6-month free usage and after that, you can choose to buy monthly or annual IAP pack.
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Your eCommerce business is incomplete without an Amazon Seller Account. However managing Amazon Sales can be a really challenging task. To tackle this challenge, we have developed a perfect solution - Amazon Odoo Connector. If you use Odoo to manage your backend operations and also sell on Amazon, this connector is just what you need. With this connector, you can easily manage all the important operations of Amazon FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) from Odoo. Take your online business to a new level with the help of Amazon Odoo Integration.

Order Processing & Fulfillment
Unify all your Amazon Orders (FBM + FBA) from various marketplaces in Odoo, process them & fulfill them with ease. Send shipment tracking information to your Amazon customers right from Odoo.
Stock Synchronization
Say good-bye to your worries about overselling or underselling. Automatically synchronize your stock levels between Amazon & Odoo and ensure that all your Amazon marketplaces show the accurate & updated stock levels.
Catalog Management
Synchronize your products & variations between Odoo & Amazon and effectively manage product pricing, images, categories and a lot more using the CSV exchange. Effortlessly map your Amazon Products with Odoo.
Settlement Report Processing
Bring all your expenses, commissions & payments from Amazon to Odoo by downloading the Settlement Report in Odoo and processing & reconciling it to match up with your accounting.
Order Cancellation
Improve your customer service by keeping an accurate track of order cancellations in Amazon. Fetch all order cancellations from Amazon to Odoo and also perform cancellations from Odoo to Amazon.
Invoicing & Refunds
Forget the accounting hassles and manage the invoicing completely in Odoo for your Amazon Orders. Send Invoices to customers directly from Odoo. Keep track of refund requests & process refunds of your Amazon Orders from Odoo.
Inbound Shipments
Hassle free inbound shipments right from Odoo! Create a shipment plan, add products to the shipment and send it to Amazon. If you prefer to create inbound shipments on Amazon, fetch them to Odoo using the Shipment ID.
FBA Stock Adjustment
Amazon generates an Inventory Adjustment Report while making changes to the stock levels of your FBA Inventory. Automatically, fetch the report to Odoo and accordingly ensure stock adjustments to your Odoo warehouse.
Removal Order Processing
Want to remove your inventory from FBA warehouses? Create a removal order in Odoo or Amazon, specify if you want to return it to a particular warehouse or dispose it and have the removal order processed in Odoo.
Multi-Channel Fulfillment
Managing multiple sales channels using Amazon’s MCF services? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Prepare & submit the outbound order information from Odoo directly to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.
Seamless Automation
Don’t worry about remembering to perform various routine Amazon operations by enabling automation features. Automate order import, stock synchronization, price update, invoice emails and much more.
Multiple Seller Accounts
Expand your international presence by connecting multiple seller accounts to your Odoo Instance and multiple marketplaces per seller account.
Order Management

  • Import Orders from Amazon to Odoo (FBM: Shipped & Unshipped, FBA: Shipped & Pending)
  • Export Shipping Details with Package Tracking Number from Odoo to Amazon
  • View FBM & FBA orders separately in Odoo
  • Check FBA Order Cancellations on Amazon and update the order status in Odoo

Settlement Report

  • Download, Process & Reconcile Amazon Settlement Report in Odoo
  • Get Amazon fees, Commissions & other charges from Amazon Settlement Report and post it to Odoo Accounting
  • Reconcile Orders, Invoices & Credit Notes against the settlement report
  • Generate & Send invoices to Amazon if Amazon provides you reimbursement in any case

Returns & Refund

  • Manage FBA Returns by importing return reports, validating incoming shipment and creating credit notes
  • Initiate refund to the customer for FBM orders from Odoo to Amazon; Generate Credit note in Odoo

FBA Inventory

  • Inbound Shipment
    • Import Amazon Inbound Shipment In Odoo
    • Send Inbound Shipments from Odoo to Amazon; Create a shipment plan, add products to it with the appropriate quantity and submit the shipment plan to Amazon
    • Update shipment information for Inbound Shipment and Create and Print Package/Pellet labels/Unique Labels.
    • Manage Amazon Partnered / Non-partnered Carriers for Inbound Shipments to Amazon.
    • Track status of Inbound Shipments.
    • Track discrepancies in Quantity/Products that are sent & received.
  • Removal Order
    • Create Removal Order in Odoo for sellable or unsellable inventory and send it to Amazon.
    • Import removal orders to Odoo which are processed by Amazon when the seller has configured Auto Removal on their Seller Central account; Process the removal orders in Odoo after importing them.
  • Inventory Adjustments
    • Import Inventory Adjustment report from Amazon to Odoo and accordingly carry out the stock adjustment in your Odoo warehouse.
  • FBA Shipment
    • Create Orders, Invoices & Process deliveries in Odoo by importing & processing FBA Shipment Report from Amazon.


  • Sync Products between Amazon & Odoo
  • Export Products (Using CSV)
  • Update Product Information
  • Export/Update Product Price, Images & Stock Levels

Other Features

  • Handle FBA invoices, validate and process the invoice automatically and email the invoice to the customer from Odoo
  • Generate comprehensive Amazon FBA Sales Analysis Reports
  • Connect Multiple Seller Accounts and manage multiple Amazon Marketplaces for each Seller Account

Automatic Jobs

  • Import Orders
  • Update Order Status
  • Update Stock Level
  • Auto Send Invoice via Email
  • Import and Process Settlement Report
  • Import & Process Shipment Report
  • Update Order StatusImport & Process Customer Returns
  • Import pending FBA orders
  • Check cancelled FBA orders in Amazon
  • Import Inbound Shipment Item Status
  • Update Small Parcel Tracking
  • Import & Validate FBA stock

In-App Purchase
  • Amazon Odoo Connector can be availed and used as ‘In-App Purchase’.
  • The app published here on Odoo App Store forms the base for IAP and does not provide any features of the app.
  • With the purchase of the app (€499), you get 6-month free usage and after that, you are required to make recurring payments by purchasing monthly or annual IAP Packs.
  • By buying this app and the IAP Packs, you accept the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and the Support Policy.

IAP Packs

* -The free usage for the first 6 months is applicable from the date of purchase of Amazon Odoo Connector (Price: €499).

NOTE: Some of the features of the connector may vary in lower Odoo versions. Kindly contact our Customer Support to know more about it.

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