All in One Inventory Reports

All in One Inventory Reports app gives you wonderful inventory reporting to make smart decisions for your business.
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The biggest problem for any business is overstocking and out of stock situation. To overcome this situations we came up with the solutions by providing various reports to make such strong decision related to inventory.

Inventory Coverage Report

This report helps you to identify how long your current inventory will be able to fulfill your future sales demand, when the products gets out of stock and how many days.

Product Recommendation for Reordering

This report helps you to get the list of products which you suppose to buy in order to be In Stock to fulfill your future sales demand. This report also suggest an alternate warehouses where the stock is available for those Out Of Stock products.

Inventory Age & Age Breakdown Report

Decrease your inventory obsolescence risk with Inventory Age & Break Down report. You can generate both the report with just few clicks either Warehouse wise or location wise . Inventory Age & Age Breakdown Report helps to get idea how old your current inventories are and inventory age breakdown reports gives brief idea about inventory age by dividing it into many time frames.

Inventory Overstock Report

Use Inventory Overstock Report to see the inventories that are overstocked. In this report, you can also get the information about inventory value deemed overstocked, Recent purchase history of that product along with vendor name.

Stock Rotation Report

This report helps you to get the stock movement between specific period for specific warehouses or all warehouses. User can track complete movements of stock between specific period, in that user can get Opening Stock, Sales, Purchase, Internal Transfer In & Out, Discarded Stock (Out) , Adjusted Stock (In), Closing Stock, Last Sale Price and Last Purchase Price.

Product Non Moving Report

Product Non Moving Report helps you to find out idle stock which have no movements for given time periods. This report helps you to identify how many products are there in stock but unsold since given time frame, so you suppose to decide some promotional activities and clear your stock and make your cash flow smooth.

Stock Expiry Report

Stock Expiry Report app gives you detailed report about products stock which will be expired in specified periods. Also user will be notified via email by system everyday about near future expiry products.

Export Product Stock to Excel

This report allows you to export products stock in excel with different filters along with details of sales & purchases qty. This report available for warehouse as well as location. User can view this report by filtering data based on vendors and categories.

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