All in One Solution for Amazon Seller

Manage and grow your Amazon business from Odoo. Handle numerous Amazon operations directly from Odoo with the All-In-One Amazon Solution.
Note : Except Amazon Helpdesk, all the features are supported in Community Edition as well. In order to use Amazon Helpdesk, you must need Helpdesk App of Enterprise edition.
Compatibility: Odoo Version : 11, 10
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When you have a Amazon seller account and you use Odoo as your ERP, syncing of the accounts will make the management of tasks simple and easy. For growth and development, you need certain tasks to be automated, but in Amazon, not every task can be automated from Amazon Seller Central. There are a few operations you need to manage manually. Operating and updating the account manually on daily basis increases the chance of errors and becomes time consuming. That’s when this app will back you up. This app not only eases the management but also helps you automate the tasks which are necessary for development. It will save your time and efforts while eliminating the possibilities of errors. It integrates and manages the Amazon seller account tasks from Odoo and updates the data on regular basis.

Manage Products

Export Products & other information from Odoo to Amazon. Allows to sync products from Amazon to Odoo.

Amazon Orders

Import FBM & FBA orders from Amazon to Odoo & updates FBM Order’s shipment information back to Amazon from Odoo.

Manage FBM Customer Returns

FBA Customer Returns

Allows to import & process FBA customer returns & set back inventory based on the condition of product in Odoo.

Multi-channel Fulfillment

Allows to export orders from other sales channels to be shipped via Amazon fulfillment center.

Get FBA Live Inventory

Allows to import FBA Live inventory from Amazon & processes it in Odoo.

Manage Inbound Shipment

Allows to create inbound shipment from Odoo, get package lables & pallet labels from Amazon & get status of received product quantities from Amazon.

Amazon Procurement Process

With this app, a user can easily transfer products to Amazon warehouses by generating actual demand. Required documents will be generated automatically with this app.


  • Reordering for Amazon (Direct Deliver to Amazon) : In this process, one Purchase Order will be created and that PO will be received in a virtual warehouse and from virtual warehouse to Amazon warehouse internal stock will be transferred with the help of inbound shipment process.

  • Amazon Procurement Process : In this process from a virtual warehouse to the Amazon warehouse, an internal stock will be transferred with the help of an inbound shipment process.

  • Amazon Procurement Process with Multi Company : If the source warehouse and destination warehouse (Amazon warehouses) have different company then one Intercompany transaction record will be created between source warehouse company and destination warehouse company (stock will be received in the virtual warehouse) and then the Internal transfer will be made from virtual warehouse to amazon warehouse.

Manage Removal Order

Import Removal Order from Amazon & processes it in Odoo. Users can also create such removal orders from Odoo to Amazon, to be disposed or get back in warehouse.

Amazon Inventory Adjustment

Process Inventory adjustment made by Amazon in case of item misplaced or found or other such cases, in Odoo.

Amazon Payment Report


Handles Reconciliation of Orders, Refunds, Sales Commission & Other fees by processing Amazon Payment/Settlement report.

Amazon Support or Helpdesk

Creates helpdesk ticket from message sent by the customer, which allows a support person to provide the support efficiently.

Track Amazon Reimbursement

Amazon may also makes mistakes!!! In this solution, we have added reports which will give an overview of list of Orders / Products for which Amazon Seller didn't get reimbursed from Amazon yet for below listed cases.


  • Amazon Refund but never returned product : Gives list of FBA Orders which are refunded by Amazon to customer but products never returned in Inventory or not returned by customer.

  • Track Reimbursement from Customer Return : Amazon reimbursed to seller for FBA customer returns which are identified as unsellable due to carrier damaged or damaged by some other means. This report gives you list of returns which are not yet reimbursed by Amazon.

  • Overages in Refund : Gives list of Orders / Products for which Amazon refunded more amount than what it was charged while ordered.

  • FBA Lost or Warehouse Damaged : Gives an overview & detailed information of total damaged/adjustment made by Amazon & total reimbursement given by Amazon to seller.

Sales Statistics

Sellers can view sales statistics from summary to detail level, which will help them to take certain decisions.

Automatic Jobs

Set automatic jobs to perform / process key operations automatically in Odoo.

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