Advanced Custom Options Suite For Magento 2

Advanced Custom Options Suite For Magento 2
A standalone solution to create and manage the product custom options with images and dependency relation.
Version: 1.0.0
Compatibility: Community 2.1.1 - 2.1.15 , 2.2.*
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With ever-changing trends and preferences of customers, it becomes necessary to provide that extra bit to them to retain them to your brand. More options the customers get, more time they will spend on your site. So we have come up with an all-encompassing solution which is an addition to what Magento provides by default. ‘Advanced Custom Option for Magento 2’ is an extension rich with various functionalities which will not just save your time but also your efforts and save you from the hassles of those tedious tasks.

The extension is designed in a manner that you can create and manage product custom options in bulk and upload the suitable images in custom options. You can manage custom options for bulk products, manage dependency between options and many more functionalities to represent the image in custom options.

All In One Custom Options
The all-in-one custom options suite.
Custom Option Image Tool-tip
It helps display tool-tip of the thumbnail image.
Custom Option Popup
It helps display thumbnail image into the popup.
Change Main Image
It is used to change the main image of the product.
Dependent Custom Options
It shows dependency between the custom options.
Custom Option Manager
These options are used to create and manage custom options for single/multiple products.
Manager Grid
The custom options created are listed under this grid.
Edit Existing Option
The existing custom option can edited by clicking on that particular option.
Assign Single Option To Multiple Products
Assign single custom option to multiple products.
Assign Single Option To Multiple Categories
Assign/Remove single custom option to multiple categories.
Assign Single Option To Multiple Products Using SKU
Assign/Remove single custom option to multiple products using SKU.
Assign/Remove Multiple Options To/From Multiple Products
Assign/Remove multiple custom options to/from multiple products.
Assign Multiple Option To Single Product
Assign multiple custom options to single product.
Extension Configuration
Enable and configure custom options as required.
Custom Option Image
Manage different and attractive images and color for each custom option on the product page.
Manage Bulk Custom Options
Save your precious time by copying multiple custom options to single/multiple products in multiple ways but with minimum clicks.
Dependent Custom Option
Set the dependency between the custom options and avail numerous combinations in products like multiple sizes, colors, etc.
Custom Option Image in Tooltip
Showcase an enlarged view of the custom option image in a tooltip. It is specially made to display your products in an enhanced view.
Custom Option Image in Popup
Let the zoomed out images in the pop-up catch your customers’ attention and give them an exact idea of what they are buying.
Custom Option Change Main Image
Assure your customers of their purchases by displaying the final product in the main image with the custom options applied.
New Types of Custom Options
The new thumbnail gallery type options allow you to display the images of the options, thus making them look attractive by the graphics.
Attractive Representation
With so many custom options, you can display your products in a manner which is attractive to all your customers. A win-win.
Centralized management
Admin can perform all custom options operation from one place like add, update, delete and assigning to the products.
Supports all types of products
The extension supports simple, configurable, bundle (without dynamic pricing), downloadable and virtual type of products.
Manage Different Images and Color for Different Custom Option Combination

Because graphics are obviously more attractive and create a better impression on the viewer’s mind, this is one essential feature. So this feature enables the admin to display an image or color for the custom options he enables. A cherry on the cake is an addition of three new types of ‘Thumb Gallery’ custom options for representing the images in even a better way.

Show Options in Tooltip Image Without Changing the Main Image

Once the custom options like the image, color, and other required fields are figured out, another functionality added to enhance the usability of this extension. Whenever a customer hovers the cursor over any image of the custom option, an enlarged version of the same image appears.

Pop-out Your Custom Options in a Popup to Catch Your Customer's Attention

With this feature, admin gets another option of displaying the custom option images via a pop-up. The pop-up makes the images look catchy and clear and customers get an exact idea of what suits them the best and what should they buy. The zoom sign enables the customers to view the option in a pop-up.

Change Main Image of the Product Based on Selected Custom Option

Custom options are the key factors in the decision making the process as customers get wider options to choose from. When customers purchase a product, they would always like to be assured about the choices they make. So once the customers click or hover on any custom options, the main image gets replaced with the custom option thumbnail image giving the customers a clear picture of the customized products.

Set Dependency and Relations Between 2 Custom Options

This feature enables the admin to show or hide the custom options based on a selection of the parent custom options. Admin can set multiple numbers of dependent custom option and manage the dependency relation efficiently. With the dependency relation between the options can create a wide range of combinations and display it to the customers accordingly.

Create and Apply Custom Option Templates to Multiple Products

Management of multiple custom options all together is a blessing for any store owner. This feature enables the admin to add, edit or remove multiple options to/from multiple selected products, multiple select products SKU lists, or categories of required products, all at once. With this functionality, admin can manage custom options for multiple products without the hassles of doing the tasks separately.

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