Advance Purchase Ordering / Reordering

Advanced reordering app for Odoo helps you to automate reordering process for your products with the help of future sales forecasting and past sales data.
Compatibility: Odoo Version : 12, 11, 10
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OUT OF STOCK- Nightmare of every business. As a business out of stock can prove to be a nightmare. It not only affects your bottom line, but also your future sales. You need an advanced reordering system in place which can handle reordering and procurement of all your products across all the warehouses. Odoo, by default does not provide facility to place orders automatically based on rules. To overcome this situation, we have developed an Advanced reordering app for Odoo which can handle all automatic purchasing needs of a business.

This app solves 2 underlying problems of a business:

  • What to order?
  • How much to order?

App automatically calculates what to order and how much to order. It even goes a step further and also takes into account procurement rules so that demand is supply is maintained across all warehouses. Don't let your business face the dark side of & Out of stock with the help of our automatic reordering app for Odoo.

Automatic Purchase Order
Automatically create a purchase order into draft state based on the requirement of stock.
Product Recommendation for reordering
App recommends products which needs to be ordered based on their stock and inventory coverage data.
Reorder Process based on Sales Forecast
Forecast your sales so that you know exactly how much quantity will be consumed and order accordingly.
Reorder Process based on Past Sales
Create purchase orders and estimated quantity required for products based on Past sales data.
Warehouse wise Demand based on Past Sales
Request stock and make procurements based on requirements of each and every warehouse from past sales.
Warehouse wise Demand based on Sales Forecast
Request stock and make procurements based on requirements of each and every warehouse from forecasted sales.
Inventory Coverage Report
Check for how long your inventory can last and take necessary actions based on data.
Sales Forecast Management
User can manage sales forecasting easily by import / export sales forecast feature.
Advance Reporting for Sales Forecast
There is an option to compare forecasted sales with real sales as well as user can also review forecasted sales.
Advance Configurations
There is an options to manage approval system along with email notification in configurable manner. System also gives a choice to select a way to calculate demand either based on past sales or forecasted sales.

Automatic Reorder Process

Advanced reordering app for Odoo helps you make automatic reorder processes. You can generate reorder process based on following methods:

  • Reorder process based on sales forecast.
  • Reorder process based on past sales.

You are free to choose whatever method you want to follow for reorder process based on your business requirements. Configure it correctly and you are good to go.

Some additional features which you get in reorder process are:

  • Warehouse wise configuration to generate demand and an option to deliver it to specific warehouse.
  • Generate demand for more than one warehouses which can be delivered to your choice of warehouse.
  • Approval/Rejection of reorder process.
  • Send an email for approval or rejection.
  • Separate purchase orders created based on destination warehouses.
  • Separate reports of individual requisition and summary of Demand.


Sales Forecast

Reorders can be placed based on accurate sales forecast so only the amount needed can be purchased. App can automatically forecast demand based on rules provided for specific products, warehouse and periods.

There are number of configurations available to tweak your forecast as per you want based on your business requirements.

  • Sales forecast rules per:
      • Warehouse
      • Product
      • Period
  • Import/Export of sales forecast rules and sales forecast.
  • Export Normal sales for analysis.
  • Auto Create forecast sales.
  • Provide forecast rules as per your business requirements to make it flexible.
Procurement Process

Warehouse wise demand is important when you take into account reordering as the needs of all the warehouses are different. Reordering rules for all the warehouses cannot be the same as the demand is different. Our app can help you generate individual demand for each warehouse based on each period. Other features include:

  • Demand based on past sales.
  • Demand based on forecast.
  • Separate reports of individual demand and summary of all the demands.
  • Option for Approval/Rejection of Procurement process.
  • Send an email for approval or rejection.
  • Internal transfer will be created if source and destination warehouse belongs to same company.
  • Inter company transfer will be created if source and destination warehouse belongs to different company along with all the necessary documents like SO, PO.


Advanced Reporting

Advanced Repurchasing app for Odoo also comes with advanced reporting to see how effective your inventory is performing and how well are your forecasts. Following reports can be viewed from the reporting:

  • Forecasted Sales Report.
  • Forecasted Sales vs Real Sales.
  • Inventory Coverage report.
  • Product recommendation for purchases.

Product Recommendation for Reordering

This report recommends you which products you are supposed to buy in order to maintain stock level enough to fulfill next X days demand.

  • System will check products stock to see how many days it will cover, for that system will get average daily sales and stock including incoming shipments.
  • This report gives you the lists of products which you are supposed to buy in order to make sure products are not out of stock and also not over stock.
  • There is an option to create advance Reorder Process in draft state directly from the result with selected products.

Inventory Coverage Report

It is important to know upto how many days the product inventory will be able to fulfill the future sales demands. Inventory coverage report shows all the products and their inventory coverage. It has following features:

  • Detailed report for products along with time frames to show the status of products stock whether it’s In Stock or Out of Stock.
  • Summarised report for products along with details for next how many days stock is enough to fulfill sales demand and for how many days products are out of stock.
  • Only out of products list along with.

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